Kingswood residential

24th June 2016

Some of our children went on a residential trip to Kingswood on the 17th June - 19th June accompanied by Mrs Carlisle, Mrs Walker and Miss Pervez. The trip was a wonderful and exciting experience for the children as they were able to try out new activities;


Ellie Burton (year 6) "I enjoyed absailing because its something I've never done before."


Tia Hirst (year 6) "My favorite was the raft building as a team. We built a raft out of 4 barrels and 6 logs, at the end the instructor Andy let us jump into the lake. It was freezing!"


Lola-Lea Greaves (year 5) "The leap of faith is an 8m high log which you jump off! I'm scared of heights but I still did it!"


Tom (year 5) "We got to make our own fire with Ashley, we ripped up cotton pads and put vaseline on it. Then we got a metal stick and rubbed it against another metal stick to create sparks which lit our cotton alight."


The trip was a huge success and Highfields have already booked a slot on the course for the next academic year!