Parent Voice

At Highfields Primary Academy we strongly believe in listening to all our stakeholders. Parents are a crucial part of a child's education and the wider success of our school. There are a number of ways to let us know your thoughts about our school:


Daily Contact

After school the teachers are in their classrooms or on the playground doors.  If you would like to speak to the teacher, please allow them to get all of their class safely to the parents, and then please speak to the member of staff. If the member of staff is unavailable due to a prior commitments, please arrange a mutually convenient time.


Make an appointment

Sometimes you may wish to discuss an issue in more depth and we would ask you to either talk directly to your child's class teacher to arrange an appointment or contact the school office who will be more than happy to arrange a suitable time to come in.


Parent Surveys

We carry out  general surveys to gauge parental opinion on the broader aspects of our school and assimilate these views in to our school development plan. We do this at parent's evening. Please see the results of the most recent survey below.


Parents Evening

These are held towards the beginning of each term. Targets have been set and are shared, parents evenings are opportunities to share information on your child's learning and development and we expect 100% attendance from parents.



Strongly Agree






1.My child is happy at school

62 (64)

38 (28)

0 (8)

0 (0)

Outstanding (Good)

2.My child feels safe at this school

59 (57)

41 (36)

0 (6)

0 (2)

Outstanding (Good)

3.My child is well looked after at this school

59 (52)

35 (43)

3 (4)

3 (0)



4.My child makes good progress at this school

62 (49)

24 (47)


0 (0)

Neither Positive or Negative (Outstanding)

5.My child is taught well in this school

62 (52)

35 (48)

3 (0)

0 (0)

Outstanding (Outstanding)

6.My child receives appropriate homework for their answers

50 (40)

35 (46)

15 (12)

0 (2)

Neither Positive or Negative

(Neither Positive or negative)

7.The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved

       41 (27)

59 (54)

0 (15)

0 (4)

Outstanding (Neither positive or negative)

8.The school deals effectively with bullying

41 (30)

53 (44)

6 (26)

0 (0)

Good (Inadequate)

9.The school is well led and managed

44 (32)

53 (54)

3 (12)

0 (2)

Outstanding (Neither Positive or Negative)

10.The school deals well with any concerns I raise                                 

     59 (38)

39 (57)

3 (6)

0 (0)




Please see below information from the Diana Award promoting the latest National Stand Up to Bullying Day.  Doncaster Council/Education Safeguarding are pleased to announce a new website for all professionals/parents and young people.  This will include online protection -