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  • Sports Day

    12th July 2016

    Thank you to all the parents that came and supported their children during sports day.

    Congratulations to all the children that took part in the races.

    Click the picture below for more in our gallery.

  • Year 5/6 rounders tournament

    25th June 2016

    Some year 5 and 6 children were selected to represent our school in a rounders tournament on Tuesday 21st June at 9am at Balby Carr Sports College with Active Fusion:

    Cory Harrison (year 6)

    Piper Gillespie (year 6)

    Olivia Bullman (year 6)

    Tia Hirst (year 6)

    Kieran Gartland (year 6)

    Charlie Shinn (year 5)

    Leah Kimber (year 5)

    Cameron Hutchinson (year 5) 

    Joshua Bee (year 5)

    Tom (year 5)

    McKenzie Greaves (year 5)


    The children played well as a team and improved with every game, the oppositions were tough and Highfields c

  • Kingswood residential

    24th June 2016

    Some of our children went on a residential trip to Kingswood on the 17th June - 19th June accompanied by Mrs Carlisle, Mrs Walker and Miss Pervez. The trip was a wonderful and exciting experience for the children as they were able to try out new activities;


    Ellie Burton (year 6) "I enjoyed absailing because its something I've never done before."


    Tia Hirst (year 6) "My favorite was the raft building as a team. We built a raft out of 4 barrels and 6 logs, at the end the instructor Andy let us jump into the la

  • Parent Survey on the 30 Hours Free Childcare

    15th June 2016

    Complete this quick parent survey about the 30 hours free childcare.

    To complete the survey online please go to: 

  • Queen's picnic lunch

    10th June 2016

    We have celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday today by having a whole school picnic lunch. It was a huge success and enjoyed by all!

  • Fire engine visit

    8th June 2016

    Today the children in Reception saw a fire engine which came to visit school.We had chance to look at all the equipment, go and have a sit inside it and then we heard the really loud sirens and saw the flashing lights. 

  • 100% Attendance

    20th May 2016

    This week Year six have had 100% attendance - Well done!

  • Staff star

    20th May 2016

    This week our staff star is Ms. Shields for her willingness and positivity around all of our children.