Pupils at Highfields Primary Academy build scientific skills and knowledge from the moment they step into the Foundation Stage. By the time they leave for the next stage of their education, they are confident, knowledgeable scientists.

At Highfields Primary Academy, we aspire to provide opportunities for every child to become a scientist.

What is a Scientist?

· A questioner

· A tester

· A hypothesiser

· A theoriser

We believe that pupils should learn, where-ever possible, through practical, hands-on experiences. We guide pupils; teaching them the substantive knowledge they need, alongside the discipline of being a scientist through the skills of questioning, testing, and concluding.

The Development Matters Framework and National Curriculum objectives underpin science teaching and learning. Within each objective, small-step learning is identified and taught through Delta’s Reading Enhanced Curriculum (REC), making exciting and relevant science learning experiences using a range of high-quality practical resources which directly match to the lesson’s content.  This allows us to bring science alive in the classroom. For example, pupils in Year 4 learn about digestion by making a model of the digestive system and observing the role each part plays.  Pupils in Year 6 learn to manipulate electrical components and circuits by making a burglar alarm.

Delta’s Reading Enhanced Curriculum is a rich and diverse resource base. Its science sessions contain high quality materials, with sequences building on prior knowledge and skills to create and develop a rich and connected schema.  Within this curriculum design, the selected reading enhances the pupils’ scientific knowledge, demonstrating the use of terminology in context, whilst the science content enhances the curriculum. For example, pupils in Year six, whilst learning evolution and inheritance, also study the works of Charles Darwin through the book ‘On the Origin of Species’.

All staff have access to quality professional development which supports their science teaching. A Trust wide network of support ensures colleagues are well informed and well trained. Teachers are knowledgeable and confident teachers of science.

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